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Providing Compact Wallets and Key Organizers


 We live in an age where people are getting closer to a cash-free society. Carrying a bulky wallet with cash, photos, and receipts are a thing of the past. Because of this, you should have wallets that follow the trend of the cashless transactions that continue to emerge. Luckily, Supreme Wallets offers just the right minimalist wallets and key organizers for you.  


Our Story

Omar Green, the head of Supreme Wallets, discovered minimalist wallets because of health-related issues. He experienced back and leg pain from sitting on his bulky wallet. Omar then found the minimalist wallets that fit easily inside his front jacket and inside pocket. Just like his smartphone that holds the majority of his important information, the minimalist wallet fits perfectly in the same pocket.

Our Values

At Supreme Wallets, we aim to provide quality products at reasonable prices. We value the identity and protection of our customers. That is why we offer wallets with RFID protection. Aside from that, our products come in sleek designs because we don’t want to compromise comfort, style, and class.